STRIDE is an innovative medical practice dedicated to the wellbeing of your feet.  We combine fine podiatric medical and surgical services with the only medical spa entirely dedicated to your feet.

At STRIDE, we believe that quality of life depends largely on the health of your feet. Whether you are hiking, running, golfing, or just trying to keep up with a busy life, you need your feet to be as healthy as possible.  Our focus is on prevention, to keep our patients' feet pain-free and problem-free while at the same time keeping them smooth and attractive year-round.  Dr. Brynn H. Ewen, founder of STRIDE, is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, meaning that she specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle.

Dr. Brynn is also a runner, a cyclist, a golfer, a skier, and above all of this, a wife and a mother. She knows what it means to have a busy life and understands the importance of having healthy, pain-free, and well-maintained feet.

We welcome you to visit our facility and see how we can help your feet look and feel their very best.