Cosmetic Podiatry

Dr. Ewen is one of the few podiatric surgeons in the country who have been trained in aesthetic/cosmetic podiatry.  She was certified through the International Aesthetic Foot Society.

"Walking on Clouds"
This treatment involves the injection of Dermal fillers, such as Sculptra, into the ball of the foot to act as “internal padding” and reduce pain while walking, especially in high-heeled shoes.

Botox for the feet
After the foot is numbed with local anethetic, Botox is injected into the bottom of the foot to reduce excessive perspiration and odor.

Laser treatment
The Pinpointe Foot laser is used in a one-time treatment to kill toenail fungus. It is a painless treatment and there are no risks, no side effects.

The Keryflex Nail Restoration System is performed in conjunction with antifungal treatment in order to make the nails aesthetically pleasing during the time it takes for the nails to grow out after treatment.  Keryflex can also be performed to beautify nails that have been permanently damaged from other causes.